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          NanJing SuYang Labor Service Co.,Ltd






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          The backcourt logistics service is our main service. It mainly provides the whole service from products to customers for manufacturing-type enterprise. We have already undertaken backcourt logistics for many large enterprises. Through these projects, we have store many talents with rich experience. Outsourcing the whole backcourt logistics can save a lot of operational cost for manufacturing-type enterprises, which can improve the enterprises’ core competitiveness.

          1.Outsourcing of product packaging line

          Our company undertakes the outsourcing of whole product packaging line for manufacturing-type enterprise. We mainly work on the encapsulation of products (bags, sealed buckets, tankers), which saves operational cost.

          2.Outsourcing of warehouse’s drayage and palletization

          Our company undertakes the work of transporting products from product line to warehouse by forklift and palletizing the products. We have many skilled forklift drivers and have undertaken many product lines. We can undertake the whole product line according to customer’s requirements and save customer’s cost.

          3.Outsourcing of Loading and Unloading on platform and wharf

          Our company has nearly a hundred skilled stevedores and we can provide 24 hours loading and unloading service. We are now undertaking loading and unloading work for many foreign-funded enterprises. The annual operational amount is about 1 million tons.

          4.Outsourcing of transportation

          Our company provides short-distance or long-distance transportation service. We have our own vehicles and transportation qualification certificate. We have a group of skilled drivers and managers on transportation service and can provide formal transportation invoices. Our company can provide full service of transporting products to warehouse and transporting products to point of sales.

          5. Outsourcing of warehousing

          Our company has experience in warehousing 100 thousands of tons of products. We have a group of experienced and qualified warehouse managers. Our company has different kinds of warehouses of 10 thousands square meters in this district. Warehousing fees can be calculated by kind of product, time or other facts.

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          Address: No.771 Xuxi Road, Luhe District,Nanjing
          Tel: 025-57053481,025-57059767  Fax: 025-57053481-8004  Email: suyangceo@126.com   Website: www.nurtureinfotech.com